High barrier plastic casings

The casing plays a prominent role in the production of all kinds of sausage, frankfurters, cheese, etc,


The barrier casings offer several advantages, high mechanical resistance, elasticity, retractability, minimal weight loss in meat products and a longer life of packaged products.

Manufactured in different colors. Printed up to 8 colors.


We have plastic casings manufactured in 5 and 7 layers, depending on the product to be packaged.

For the manufacture, sale and cutting of sausages and hams. Caliber: 35-120 mm.

For the production of cooked hams, better adherence, low oxygen permeability. Caliber: 60-200 mm.

For the production of frankfurters, easy to peel, permeable to smoke and water vapors, which allows cooking and subsequent smoking, high heat and mechanical resistance. Caliber: 15-38 mm.

For the production of cooked sausages, meat pastes, bar cheeses. Caliber: 29-200 mm.


The casing can be supplies in rolls or pleated in sticks.

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